Focus and Scope

Focus: This journal is focused on investigation, analysis and in-depth understanding of cultural and religious issues in Indonesia. The main focus involves empirical research, theoretical studies, and policy analysis related to cultural and religious dynamics in Indonesian society. The scope of the journal covers various aspects such as religious traditions, cultural practices, religious pluralism, social developments, and the impact of globalization on cultural and religious identity in Indonesia.


  1. Dynamics of Religious Diversity: Involves an in-depth analysis of interreligious relations, religious harmony, and issues of tolerance in Indonesia. This also includes an understanding of the development of traditional religions, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other beliefs in Indonesian society.

  2. Traditional Cultural Practices: Highlights Indonesia's traditional cultural heritage, including traditional ceremonies, performing arts, dance, and fine arts. This journal will also discuss changes in traditional cultural practices in response to social and cultural changes.

  3. Globalization and its Impact: Examining how globalization affects culture and religion in Indonesia. Included in this scope are changes in local values, norms and identities in response to global flows.

  4. Social Development: Considering social issues related to culture and religion, such as gender equality, human rights, and societal welfare. This journal is committed to understanding the contribution of culture and religion in shaping Indonesia's social structure.

  5. Policy Analysis: Contribute to the policy literature by evaluating and analyzing government policies related to culture and religion. Included in this analysis is the impact of policies on cultural diversity and religious freedom.

This journal aims to be a platform for researchers, academics and practitioners who are interested in exploring complex issues related to culture and religion in Indonesia. By presenting high quality articles, it is hoped that this journal can provide in-depth insights and constructive solutions to the challenges faced by Indonesian society in managing their cultural and religious diversity.